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About Musk Doge

Musk Doge is a Solana Ecosystem based meme token, built to establish a chain between meme tokens, dex projects,
launchpads and esspecially with its community.
Primarily focused a perfect friendship between other Solana Projects.

Non Ruggable

No more scams, no more rug pull. LIQUIDITY LOCKED.


NFT marketplace & First NFT to be released soon.


Experienced & Doxxed Team.


     Total Supply : 10,000,000,000

     Burn Token : 40%

     Liquidity : 25%

     Development : 5%

     Team : 5%

     Giveaway Wallet: 10%

     Marketing : 15%

Musk Doge Roadmap

Q4 2022
  • Launch
  • Raydium Listing
  • Coinmarketcap listing
  • Coingecko Listings
  • Marketing Campaign
Q1 2023
  • Dexlab listing
  • Airdrop
  • 1000 Holders
  • 1st Burn token
  • Marketing campaign
Q3 2023
  • Release muskdoge NFT
  • Release Swap AMM
  • Release Decentralize Exchange
  • 2nd Burn token
Q2 2024
  • $MKD NFT Marketplace
  • Influencer Awareness Partnerships
  • Giveaways
  • Holders offering
  • 3rd Burn token

How To Buy Musk Doge

Easiest way is to click on the buy button below and follow the instructions! 2nd option is: $MKD token is available on the Solana Network . Create a SPL wallet (Phantom)

Buy some USDC on a centralized exchange (Coinbase, Binance, FTX, Kraken, etc).

Send your USDC (Solana Network) to your SPL wallet address.

Swap your $USDC for $MKD. Need a small amount of SOL for transaction fees.
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